The steps to becoming a Member

There are 2 stages to membership

Step 1: Become a fully qualified SUPPORTER

Step 2: After becoming a fully Qualified Supporter you can then complete the steps to become a MEMBER of AustraliaOne


To be a supporter you need to:

  1. Register your interest via:
  2. Read our aims and objectives:
  3. Read our policy summary:
  4. You need to be registered to vote.
  5. Supply the following information to your relative State Executive Email
    ACT –
    NSW –
    NT –
    QLD –
    SA –
    TAS –
    VIC –
    WA –
  6. Provide Photo proof of yourself and your ID (can be a Drivers licence / Passport / Identity Card) as seen below.
  7. Supply a Working with Children’s Check or States Equivalent (if you don’t have one you will need to apply for one)
    Info on how to get your Working with Children’s Check:
    Due to issues in WA we are temporarily accepting a National Police Check
    Working With Childrens Check
  8.  Supply your AEC (Australian Electoral Commission)
    Supply a PDF or Photo of your AEC enrollment you can get that info from here:
  9. Once this has all been supplied you will be sent an invitation to this site where you will be able to complete the last step in becoming a fully qualified supporter.
  10. The final step is signing an online Supporters Declaration, which you now have access to.  Once this has been done you will be given access to the secure forum and will now be able to progress to becoming a Member of  AustraliaOne


Now that you are a full supporter you have the option to become an AustraliaOne Member
As a supporter, you will now have access to the documents you will need to read to become a member.
The steps to becoming a Member:

  1. Read the AustraliaOne: Membership Requirements, Rights, Obligations and Rules
  2. Read the AustraliaOne Federal Constitution:  Federal Constitution & Rules – Full Version
  3. Confirm you are NOT a member of any Proscribed Organisation(s) and will renounce any membership to any future Organisations that may appear on the Proscribed Organisations list: Proscribed Organisations
  4. As a supporter, you now have access to the Membership Application Details Page which will have most of your information already.  Here you can finalise the last steps for membership, correct any information and upload any other requirements.
  5. If all your information is correct you can go to the Statutory Declaration form and enter your occupation and press submit.
    You will be emailed your Statutory Declaration for you to print and get signed by the relevant authority.
  6. Once you have your Membership Statutory Declaration signed you can upload it on the Membership Stat Dec. Upload page as either a PDF or a photo.
    You will need to agree to the 3 requirements, as specified in sections 1, 2, and 3 listed above in this section.
  7. Once your Statutory Declaration and AEC details have been confirmed the system will automatically send you to the Membership Subscription Page on your next valid login.
  8. Once payment is confirmed you will receive an AustraliaOne Membership Number and all the rights associated with being a Member.

AustraliaOne Membership is a Yearly Renewable Membership and is valued at $110 inc GST.